Award winning manufacturers of FM Broadcast monitoring equipment, providing FM modulation analyzers, AF spectrum analyzers and RDS decoders for Radio Broadcasters around the world.

T980A FM Broadcast Monitor and RDS decoder

Signals measured:

  • Deviation measurement 0 to 100kHz
  • RSSI measurement 0 to 83dB
  • Pilot 19kHz measurement
  • RDS 57kHz subcarrier measurement
  • Multipath measurement

Signals monitored via BNC connectors:

  • Pilot 19KHz
  • RDS 57KHz subcarrier
  • MPX output
  • MPX input
  • IF input
  • Limiter output
  • Deviation output
  • Multipath output
  • AF unbalanced

Signals monitored via XLR connectors:

  • AF balanced output, for line or loudspeaker*

Windows Control Software

Advanced hardware control software, utilizing the RS232 serial port, allows direct hardware control, running under the Windows operating system

    • Aerial -20,-30dB attenuator
    • Frequency setting
    • Scanning and AutoTune
    • AF level setting
    • AF bass lift
    • IF input
    • MPX input
  • A continuous stream of RDS, RSSI, signal deviation, pilot, RDS subcarrier, multipath and tuning data, is sent back to the PC
  • Any window displaying data, can be instantly copied to the clipboard, from where it can be pasted to any application
  • This system is compatible with Windows95/98

*Software switchable

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